The Ultimate Guide to VOIP for Small Businesses

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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Caution! Before you purchase a new VOIP System for your business, read this. This guide will help you avoid getting trapped in an unsatisfactory contract.
If you hate or want to avoid an expensive, frustrating, look at this VOIP System Guide to discover:

  • The uncensored realities about the telephone framework industry that no salesman will at any point disclose to you, but very important for you to know prior to purchasing.
  • How to filter all the specialized marketing tactics and discover what are the genuine features and credits to look for.
  • A “gotcha” provision that telephone framework merchants usually hide to lock you and lawfully bind you to shell-out of thousands of dollars in punishments to drop – regardless of whether the VOIP service doesn’t function as publicized. Try not to sign an agreement if this clause is in there!
  • See what 99% of all VOIP framework sales reps WON’T inform you before you purchase: This “shell game” of concealed expenses, charges, and unexpected month-to-month charges while making you believe you’re getting a deal (you’re most certainly not).
VOIP Guide

Learn about important features of VoIP

  • Find out what VoIP providers won’t tell
  • Critical questions to ask before signing a VoIP contract

Why Choosing a VoIP System is Critical

Selecting a VOIP provider is a critical business necessity you need to get right. Pick in a rush, and you’ll be endlessly irritated and tied in a confusing, troublesome, and restricted VOIP framework that is continually separating, dropping calls, and disappointing you (and your clients!) with mediocre sound quality and nonexistent technical help.

More regrettable yet, many VOIP vendors will bind you in a long-term agreement where you pay HUGE fines to escape, regardless of whether the help is horrible and the telephone doesn’t function as promoted.

Plus, your schedule is tight – and transferring to other VOIP providers is no simple assignment.

And imagine a scenario where the new VOIP framework you switched to is as awful (or more awful!) as the one you just disposed of.

The villain of your life keeps you stuck – and it’s extremely hard to decide whether a VOIP provider will ever deliver what was advertised.
Now you see the problem, which is why I wrote this article. 

  • As a managed services provider that has been selling VOIP systems for more than 10 years to small and medium-sized organizations, we’ve been stunned and shocked by how much the IP phone framework industry has exploited private ventures.
  • From terribly confusing “nerd talk” to deceiving promotions, concealed charges, cumbersome agreements, and horrendous assistance, I feel now is time that somebody speaks out about how to locate a simple-to-utilize, decently valued, and quality VOIP framework that will really function as publicized – or better!

My true expectation is that by unveiling this data through our blog, we will help increase the expectations inside the VOIP industry, and to give YOU valuable data to try not to settle on an over-promised, under-delivered and expensive VOIP system you’ll just lament.

How to Avoid Bad and Hyped Decisions

In case you’re like the large portion of our customers, you’re most likely searching for a legitimate source who can guide you on which VOIP system is ideal for your particular circumstances. One that is not difficult to utilize and functions faithfully to what was promoted.

1. Look for one that’s heavy in VOIP substance, not just in SEO
The issue is that VOIP system advertising is crazy on the web, with many websites promoting certain services as “the most awesome” but in fact are nothing but just specialists highly-skilled in Google SEO (not VOIP systems) where they offer their top-ranking status to the highest-paying bidder. They are NOT keen on giving solid counsel to you – they are keen on getting you to ask for a quote so they can offer your lead to multimillion and billion-dollar ad corporations.
Truth be told, VOIP marketing is possibly one of the most serious playing fields on the web, with a solitary Google click costing somewhere in the range of $500 to $1,000! Is anyone shocked that your Google query for “business VOIP systems” is loaded with SEO boosted listings who managed to pay the cost of such unbelievable promoting expenses?

2. Trustworthiness and transparency
NONE of these websites could furnish you with valuable data for settling on a decent choice. The showcasing catalogs that position VOIP systems don’t reveal to you how they are really positioning their “top” suppliers or “best-appraised.” They frequently don’t confirm the trustworthiness of the surveys, and all audits are mysterious. Furthermore, they take transparency lightly.

3. Experienced against phone-related catastrophe
Certainly, this isn’t the way you need to pick your next VOIP provider, and you can bet every last cent that these websites will not be around to help you if the VOIP provider you signed-up with ends up being a monster catastrophe.

4. Deals are only secondary
Another advertising stunt many use is offering free phones and cheap offers. These are frequently utilized as luring strategy to lead you into believing you’re getting a great deal – but be careful! We are aware of the fact that you get what you pay for, HOWEVER, you must be able to use your phone properly, if not satisfactorily.

That is the reason we composed this guide. A large part of VOIP advertising is deluding and neglecting to reveal to you the WHOLE truth. Indeed, there ARE ways to save money and some are true – but rather getting the “cheapest” ought not be #1 on your priorities when settling on a choice for another VOIP system.

Fact is, cash could be saved but will soon be forgotten when you begin to suffer longer in incalculable losses and dissatisfaction due to poor VOIP framework.

We can’t change the way phone businesses promote, yet we can help you clear your path through these so-called “tech advise” and misleading statements.

There ARE good VOIP system vendors. You simply need to realize what to search for and what inquiries to pose – which is what is the issue here.

Two Critical VoIP Issues to Watch Out For

Above all else, VoIP is often a misunderstood term that confuses many individuals. They believe it’s a telephone on your PC, a product application, or an actual phone you install into your PC.

Those were all the early cycles of VoIP. Today, a “VoIP” telephone is all the more a SERVICE rather than an actual telephone (although actual phones play into this). With a VoIP provider, you can utilize any phone, PC, or gadget to make calls and send messages which enables you to function well in any location with a good Internet association.
Be that as it may, numerous individuals hesitate to move to VoIP for two legitimate reasons:

  1. Call quality, and
  2. “How about when the Internet goes down?”

So, let me address both of these legitimate concerns and why with the RIGHT VOIP solution, there shouldn’t be an issue.

Issue #1: Call Quality

The facts confirm that before, VoIP telephones have been infamous for the jumbled, choppy, inferior quality, and dropped calls. But they have enabled these phones to progress significantly over the recent few years:

  1. Tech advancements behind VOIP through the years
  2. The internet bandwidth (which is a critical segment of call quality) is quicker and less expensive.

Thus, any stability or quality issues you may have on another VoIP framework is because of two issues – either your transfer speed isn’t adequate, or your firewall, switch, and PC organization (where the telephone presently lives) are not set up appropriately for the telephone. That is it.

This is the reason it’s basic for your telephone seller to survey your organization prior to selling you a VOIP system – to ensure that your investment will really satisfy your organization.

Central issue: Big VOIP sellers like AT&T or RingCentral won’t do this assessment prior to selling you a telephone. They will take your cash, delivery you a telephone in a box, and leave you to set it up. At the point when the call quality is loathsome and you call them for help, they’ll basically guide the finger toward your Internet supplier, transmission capacity, or PC organization and wish you the best of luck. They WON’T investigate that issue for you, which is the reason you need to purchase a VOIP framework from a local IT organization that will claim 100% of the arrangement, issues, and call quality.

Issue #2: What if the Internet Goes Down?

Certainly, the web WILL go down, however that doesn’t mean your VOIP system needs to. That is on the grounds that the “brain” of the phone isn’t only facilitated in your office. It’s facilitated in a protected and exceptionally solid server that has reinforcement systems for a continued Internet connection. So, when your local Internet goes down, you should have your VOIP automatically transition to a number of responses. For example:

  • The route to an assigned VOIP wireless phone or other areas.
  • Go to an auto-attendant you chose so that caller can leave a voice message, like your after-hours set-up.
  • Allow guests to leave a voice message, and that voice message can be messaged back to you.

A decent VOIP seller will set this up ahead of time so calls are naturally taken care of in the manner in which you need an instant “fallback position” without taking any more of your time.

  • Post-Sales Service
  • Custom Installation and Aftersales
  • IT Firm support
  • AI-driven Assistance
  • Routing calls when the internet is down
  • Call management during holidays or after working hours
  • Customized voice recording while customers waiting
  • Recorded messages sent via e-mail
  • Fax to E-mail
  • Ring me outside
  • Broadcast system
  • Call queuing system

Want a New Phone System

Let us Help You Identify the Perfect Features

Critical Questions Before Signing VoIP Contract

  1. How long have you been providing, installing, and servicing VOIP systems?
  2. How can I be sure that your VOIP’s sound quality is outstanding?
  3. What if I want to cancel and get out of the contract? What are the corresponding expenses?
  4. What are the initial and repeating costs?
  5. Do I need a special kind of cabling?
  6. Do you offer some sort of money-back guarantee?
  7. Can I keep my present phone number? If yes, is there an extra cost for keeping my number?
  8. Does the pricing quotation included taxes? Are there other costs there?
  9. What special VOIP components are included in the package? What features cost extra?
  10. Does your VOIP solution include worldwide calling?
  11. Will it work with my present firewall, switch, Internet and network settings?
  12. Does your framework support fax?
  13. Do you offer a demo phone so we can test the solution before signing any contract?
  14. If my team members need to work remotely, how does your VOIP solution support that? How will the change be managed when we experience another COVID-like shutdown?
  15. Who will do the transfer to the new phone and how long will the system be down during the transition?
  16. What sort of training or preparation do you offer for our employees before starting with the new VOIP?
  17. Can you DEMONSTRATE us how to route calls, set-up out-of-office, change office hours, add new employees, and so forth?
  18. Can you give me references from other RECENT customers you introduced this telephone framework for?

Phone and Communication Assessment

Are you ready to make a move to a new phone system? Curious if you could save money on your phone and Internet bills?

Then we’d like to offer you a free Phone and Communication Assessment to answer these questions:

  • Is your current network environment (bandwidth, firewall, router, etc.) able to handle a VoIP system?
  • Can you save money on your phone and Internet bill?
  • Are you losing sales and opportunities because clients and prospects can’t get to someone when they call your office?

Toward the end of the VOIP evaluation, you’ll have all the sufficient decision guides you need concerning whether it is better to install or change your VOIP service.

We trust you become our customer, yet if not, that is alright as well! You have my own assurance that definitely NO high-pressure strategies will be utilized anytime during our assessment. We just need this to be a wonderful, educational and positive experience for you.

There are three different ways to speak with us and calendar this free VOIP assessment. 

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