Think You Do IT? Think Again

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Think You Do IT? Think Again: A blog about the importance of having a personal IT consultant to get your work done more efficiently.

Why should I outsource my IT?

Why should I outsource my IT? Your answer could be several things, but there is one thing in common: time. As technology has matured to the point that even a tiny piece of it can make your vacation experience better or ruin it, outsourcing is necessary. There are few good reasons to do so other than saving time and money.

Can your IT systems handle growth?

Growth leads to more work for IT systems and resources. Your systems’ performance can be hampered by limited resources, which leads to avoidable expenses and wasted time. Growth requires careful planning and implementation to have the best chance of development.

There are several signs that your IT suffers from overload: 

  • It crashes often
  • Your internet speed is dropping
  • Your users are complaining about slow performance
  • Your server keeps crashing (causing backlogs)
  • You get frequent software errors
  • There are delays when sending and receiving emails
  • You feel unprepared for the future work growth

Get a technology roadmap for your business

A business plan, or tech roadmap, is a critical component in the marketing and operations of any business. It is an organized approach to business analysis, planning, and development. A business plan helps project managers understand their strengths and weaknesses to develop business solutions that meet their organization’s specific needs.

IT for marketing your business: It’s the secret recipe to kick-start your marketing efforts. Learn from others who have successfully done it, and watch your ROI increase. No matter how much content you produce, if your posting schedules are too rigid or disorganized, you’ll never get off the ground. And even if you do manage to attract qualified leads from social media – it’s challenging to convert everyone into paying customers. The key for all successful business owners who post on social media is finding a consistent platform to leverage leads, earn their trust, and build relationships.

IT for your business operations. IT is an integral part of businesses that want to be successful. Whether your central mission is raising profits or providing better services, IT is a crucial investment. Knowing what server to hire or buy, whether to buy or rent computer devices, when to upgrade IT systems, or what network set up to use – all these show that the right technology roadmap will help set the proper priorities and help you stay on top of things. Information is power. The better your IT is, the better will be your tools to make better decisions. 

Is your current technology vendor doing enough for you?

All of us want a seamless experience with an IT vendor. Wouldn’t it be relieving if your vendors were cleverly intuitive and helpful, rather than just saying “yes”? Vendor fatigue is a growing consumer issue. Research has long settled that customers want more than just a good product and service. They want to be empowered with the information and tools needed to make informed decisions and make informed technology buying decisions.

Don't hire an IT Manager. Hire a CIO.

Many small businesses are looking at bringing a virtual or outsourced CIO instead of an in-house IT manager to cut costs and make the office more efficient. Hiring an IT manager may add more tasks within the administration setting, such as benefits, equipment, and allowances. It could even threaten your integrity if you do not delegate specific duties internally. 

Businesses bring in new IT guys to save money, but inexperience might get trouble through poor performance or poor network security applications. “Small mistakes” could result in data leakage and other disastrous consequences. The best way to handle budget constraints is to hire an experienced virtual chief information officer specializing in operating systems and network security.

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Wayne Roye is the Founder and CEO of Troinet, a privately held technology consulting firm based in New York City. Troinet's goal is to help companies make better decisions around technology.

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Think You Do IT? Think Again

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