12 Cyber Security Solutions We Recommend or Provide

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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For enhanced IT security, we suggest the following solutions to all our customers ASAP. We regularly update, launch better tools, procedures and documentation, and will be sharing these as they become available.

1. Vulnerability Assessments and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR)

We plan and hold these meetings with our clients. During these assessments, we run through some hazard appraisal activities and give you a score. We will likewise evaluate your feedback of our current service if there is such, survey your IT goals and financial plans, give an overview of our NEW solutions that we feel you may need. Then we make the proposal. We will likewise address any inquiry you have and ensure you are happy with our process. We also offer complementary consultation which shall be FREE or absorbed into the execution of the service.

2. Dynamic Security Monitoring, Patching

This is the main component we offer in our Managed Cyber Security Services Plan. In particular, we keep a proactive network security supervision to prevent problems from happening in the first place. When questionable patterns take place, we provide the remedy right away.

3. Insurance Review: At least once every year, we furnish a copy of our services and protections to YOU

We can also work with your insurance specialist to audit your digital risk exposures, protections, and leverages. We may also look at your other policies to guarantee that we satisfy your overall requirements.

4. [NEW!] Data Breach And Cyber-Attack Response Solution

With this service, we want to reduce the pressure and stress of our clients in preventing and dealing with cyber attacks. Overall, this can save precious time and money. Here, we work with our customers to customize and maintain and digital-response plan so that IF breach occurs, we could minimize the damages and keep the operations going. We then create an investigation process to avoid reoccurrence.

5. Ransomware-Proof Backup and Cyberattack Recovery Plan

Cybercriminals are aware that you have backups, so they design their assaults to RUIN your BACKUP documents too. This is the reason we are demanding customers to avail of our Upgraded Backup Solution, which is a part of our Managed Services Plans.

6. Implement Security Policy for Mobile and Devices

If hackers want to breach a company, they usually target the employees that are at risk of a cybersecurity breach. We can help you set up a policy for mobile and other devices, and make your team regularly aware of security risks. Basic precaution taken by the users on a constant basis will go a long way for your company. By providing training, warning signs through SMS messages, emails, or other means, people would be alerted to take necessary precautions before anything goes wrong. So while the threat of cyberattacks is high, it is not so high that you cannot work safely.

7. Develop Strong Company Password Practices

Are your employees’ passwords strong enough? STILL, one of the greatest dangers to businesses are WEAK passwords.  To protect you against this, we require employees to follow the best practices in password management and incorporate strategies to ensure that weak passwords are never used. Here are some:
  1. Prohibit the use of the most common passwords. We start with the most commonly-hacked words.
  2. Send alerts to users for strange log-in attempts.
  3. Install an auto-lock mechanism for multiple failed attempts.
  4. Train employees how to create strong passwords and manage them well
  5. Keep software updated to ensure latest security updates are installed

8. Multi-Factor Authentication (also called MFA, 2FA)

We recommend 2FA if we see that a certain process involving a device, website or application this extra layer of security. The access will be successful upon presenting two or more pieces of factors (or evidence) from a user’s given devices.

9. Web Content Filtering

This is a part of web protection features that enables your organization to track and regulate access to websites based on their content classifications. The top categories searched in the internet are still porn, online gambling, and file-sharing sites for those who don’t want to pay for a movie, song, or software. These websites are dangerous because attackers may include spyware, viruses, and worms into the files. When these files are downloaded, your company computer becomes infected which you surely don’t want to happen. Illicit online activities, sexual harassment, or child pornography are some of the things that can be done with the work laptop and could expose your business to lawsuits and fines – not to mention the money and time wasted on unproductive employee behavior.

10. [New!] Cyber Security Training for Employees

Your employees need REGULAR online cybersecurity training to protect themselves and the company against cyberattacks. Security-savvy employees are your primary defense against hacking. Those who aren’t equipped may open an email and attachment without suspecting that such email was infected by a spyware. A popular tactic among hackers is to incorporate malware into a malicious file from unsecured sources. Once it is downloaded by an employee, it can give the hacker complete access to your device, and even the whole network. Yes, you may have firewalls in place, but they’re just not enough. Employees are the most common entry points for ‘phishers’ and investing in their cybersecurity training is one of the best decisions you can make. We provide basic training for this. For example, we educate them how to identify spam content that could be hiding malicious software. The training also includes awareness of the dirty tricks that lead employees to download ransomware, or ‘social engineering’ mechanisms that fake trusted online identities.

11. Maximize Confidentiality of Emails

Employees may send sensitive or confidential company information and documents. Some industries like those in the healthcare service are required to protect their client’s sensitive information. It is a must for employees to know how to secure confidential documents before send the email. We both train employees and arrange email systems to maximize confidentiality in sending or receiving sensitive data.

12. Secure Remote Access Activities

Using remote access tools such as TeamViewer, Anydesk, Remote Desktop pose data security threats to your business. It brings convenience by enabling other users to access from a remote location, but one wrong move can cause your network to fall into the wrong people. Once they gain access, they can cause data theft or deploy ransomware. To mitigate the risks, we introduce solutions such as using a business-grade VPN, limiting long-term access, or introducing reliable intrusion detection systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).

13. [New!] Dark Web Scan and Monitoring

Your personal information and credentials, if compromised, may be sold or traded in the dark web. Without knowing, it may be too late to discover that your crucial business documents and private files have been compromised. We provide you with proactive tools and training so you can properly respond when dark websites compromise you.

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