Wondering what technology in 2015 will become popular? Curious to learn about recent and  projected innovations?

We’ve got you covered! Check out this list of new, exciting technologies expected to make an appearance in 2015:


Smart Watches

Apple fan? You’re in luck! The iWatch (starting at $349) will be available in 2015.

Basically, the iWatch brings many of your phone applications to your wrist. So, if you’ve ever been annoyed by the need to constantly pull your phone out of your pocket or purse to check the time or check your message, the iWatch is a solution!

The iWatch also receives notifications for you, and they’re easy to dismiss if you find them to be unimportant.

If you’re not a big fan of Apple products, there will be several other companies (LG, Samsung, and more) releasing their own versions of the smart watch, too. Stay on the lookout – you’re sure to find one that suits your needs!


Your Phone Is Your New Wallet

Apple Pay is a new option for making a secure payment when you check out at a store. All you need to do to pay with your device is use your Touch ID after you’ve loaded your card information into the device – it’s that simple!

We’re betting that Android phones will offer a similar type of technology soon to compete. Who knows – before long, wallets could be a thing of the past!


Virtual Reality

Oculus rift, a virtual reality head-mounted display, is expected to become available this year.

This could affect not only gaming, but movies as well. Can you imagine sitting in a movie theater and watching a movie that is even more realistic than what the current 3D technology will allow? It may be a possibility very soon!


Cars That Drive Themselves

While talk of driverless car technology has been floating around for several years now, it may become a reality very soon.

At the very least, we should see improvements in driver assistance technologies like blind spot monitoring, parking sign recognition, and driver drowsiness recognition. Hopefully, the innovations we see in 2015 will save lives on the road!


Are there any other technologies you’re anxiously awaiting the release of in 2015? Let us know in the comments below!


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