Mapping out a Cloud Strategy: Everything a CIO Should Know

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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In the advent of new technology and the shift in value placed on IT Operations Management, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are faced with an ever expanding role that includes business strategy innovation, pushing the business growth forward. CIOs and their IT departments are viewed now more than ever as an invaluable resource for critical business growth. This is vastly different from the time when automation was the primary objective.

When it comes to adopting a Cloud strategy there are a few things for a CIO to consider:

• Communicate Business Value

Emphasis on the business Information Technology relationship is the key to showing how the business can get the most value out of incorporating a Cloud strategy. The Cloud provides the mutually desired ability to launch new services and applications more quickly, with the end result of meeting customer’s demands.

• Think Opportunity-to-Cost

It is imperative for CIOs to move beyond the legacy mentality of strictly managing to cost and efficiency models. CIOs need to emerge as business strategists and capable of leading development which proves that Information Technology management is a core part of the companies’ competitive advantage.

• Integrate IT in Business Unit Operations

No doubt, needs and human resources change as a company grows through the expansion of services. Information Technology needs to be seen as a trusted partner when it comes to business units and overall operations. This continuity makes it possible to streamline development increasing revenue in the long run.

• Working Harder isn’t Enough

The biggest challenge in IT today is that business changes faster than IT. This means that Information Technology needs to change the way that they work. With the flexibility and agility a Cloud environment offers, it shrinks the gap in the time it takes to implement a new business objective.

Cloud computing evolved from a method to manage a data center to a way in which a business could transform and expand without inhibitors. The real benefit here is the opportunity this technology presents for a CIO to become a creative collaborator allowing for a holistic investment in the businesses future through driving strategic business value.

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