IT Support for Hybrid Remote Work

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The future is hybrid work.

Are you ready to support it?

Even when things get back to somewhat “normal,” remote work will continue to be a big part of how most organizations operate. If you’re searching for a simple and secure way to empower your employees to work the same way at home as they would in the office, Troinet can help.

Hybrid Remote Work

What makes hybrid remote work challenging?

Being able to support remote and hybrid work is imperative. But, making it a reality is challenging for a number of reasons:

Multiple portals
Hybrid work requires multiple technologies, which means multiple vendors and interfaces.

Ensuring security
Staying secure gets harder when work is done on home networks
and personal devices. 

Network access
Short-term fixes like VPN come with security risks and not-so-great user experiences.

Enabling remote employees to collaborate as if they were all in one place isn’t easy.

It’s hard for leaders to gauge productivity and if remote work is actually a profitable venture.

High costs
When you cobble together your own solutions, it can get both complicated and expensive.

Hybrid Remote Work doesn’t have to be this difficult, costly, or complex.

At Troinet, we offer a platform that brings together everything you need to support remote and hybrid work.

YOS: A platform that maximizes your capability in hybrid remote work

Get everything you need, all in one place. With our Your Office Smarter platform, you can create a work environment that allows your employees to be in the office some days, and work remotely on other days – all without changing the way you want to do business.

YOS: Simple. Smarter. All in one place.

Plus, you get other functionalities that make it easier to support remote and hybrid work:

HR management: Manage employee training, credentials, comp, and benefits one place.
Centralized administration: Easily manage users, devices, and security in a centralized location.
Built-in analytics: Gain more insight into productivity, costs, and so much more.
Security choice: Easily incorporate Cisco’s proven security products to ensure protection.

Employees get the technology they need to be productive whether they’re at home or In the office:

Private charts: Access to familiar apps from any browser
Files: Secure remote access to critical documents
Desktop: Access to corporate desktops remotely
Phone: Office phone integrated into their device
Email: Access and manage email from anywhere
Conferencing: Schedule, host, and join meetings
Private chats: Collaborate across departments


Why should you work with Troinet?

At Troinet, we’re the only technology company that offers a single platform that will help better support the way your employees need and want to work.

Avoid complexity

Everything is fully-baked, so you won’t need multiple vendors or products.

Zero learning curve

Employees get a single log-in, plus onboarding and administration are simple.

Customized to you

We’ll be able to tailor our platform to the way you want to do business.

Industry experience

Our teams have experience with industries most affected by the pandemic.

Try it Yourself

Visit the links below to setup your free account, or view our calendar to schedule a meeting in just a few clicks.

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Do you want more savings and less headaches?

At Troinet, we are ready to support the technology needs of your business to make it grow.
Wayne Roye CEO Troinet IT Services Support in New York New Jersey

About Troinet

Wayne Roye is the Founder and CEO of Troinet, a privately held technology consulting firm based in New York City. Troinet's goal is to help companies make better decisions around technology.

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