IT Security Consultants: What Do They Do and Why Does their Job Matter?

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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I have dedicated almost 20 years of my life to the cybersecurity or IT protection of public and private organizations in the New York City and NJ areas

I am constantly keeping myself abreast with critical developments in this sector so we can remain competent and advanced.

Every business that uses the internet is exposed to a dangerous factor that is the internet – this is why IT security solutions and consultants are critically-necessary.

Such risks include data breaches, cyber theft, viruses, phishing, malware, and ransomware.

There are many different types and subtypes of IT consultants: Some specialize in IT software like apps, programs, websites; and some grew their roots deeply in niches such as healthcare, fintech, or ERP. But one type that is imperative for businesses is IT security consultancy.

Together with the growing number of companies that adopting Work-from-Home set-up, comes the swelling risk of cyber security attacks and black hat practices. To avoid stiff fines, disruption of business operations, and decline of your good reputation, preventing these threats is an absolute necessity.

What is an IT Security Consultant?

An IT consultant performs IT assessments to prevent your records from being held hostage by hackers. 

Some IT security consultants are network engineers who are adept at cybersecurity risks associated with physical infrastructure and devices used such as servers, wireless, and routers.

The consultant’s tasks include:

  • Integrates education with the client relationship;
  • Improves the business’ operations;
  • Documents the process;

What does an IT security consultant do?

Through profound knowledge and exposure, IT Consultants help prevent cyber attacks and your records from being held hostage by cyber hackers. The consultant’s tasks include:

1. Learning client environment

IT consultants learn about the client by performing on the site observation, interviews, and system scanning. This includes using manual assessment or automated software on the company’s hardware and software to find out vulnerabilities and issues:

  • AV penetration testing
  • Virus and spyware analysis
  • Entry points analysis
  • Audits/ensures that your computer environment is secure

2. Reporting and proposal

They will then create a report around the necessary areas in your IT systems which may include:

  • Urgent cyber security needs;
  • Proposals for cyber security solution;
  • Infrastructure design or modification;

A typical proposal includes a calendar of activities and a timeline or schedule.

3. Introduce IT solutions

Upon the client’s consent, an IT consultant implements or executes the plan together with his team. The plan may include:

  • Installation of IT security devices
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware
  • Other IT security software
  • Installing or modifying physical IT infrastructures
  • Improving cable systems

IT solutions may have the following purposes:

  • Prevent data theft and unauthorized access
  • Rescue damaged data
  • Business continuity in the event of disasters or hacks
  • Prevent malicious data alteration, data deletion, data modification and vandalism
  • Improve business operations

4. Giving recommendations

A stellar IT consultant will go the extra mile by making recommendations to further improve your security portfolio. This includes making suggestions for security upgrades and for elimination of vulnerabilities.

  • Lifecycle-based IT Security Consulting: If the client or project is just starting, IT security consultants give recommend the best solutions based on what suits best in each phase of the life cycle.

Importance of IT Security Consultancy

A. Prevent financial and reputation damage

IT Security can make or break an organization or cause a huge loss of money. Cyber attacks infiltrate business servers, accounts, database, firewalls, mobiles and personal computers.

The usual aims of hackers are:

  • gain access to critical information
  • collect sensitive customer data
  • total deletion
  • profanity
  • vandalism

Other cyber criminals may not have financial or monetary motives, but will want to ruin your reputation instead. This can be in the form of vandalism or publishing profanity in your digital assets. 

At Troinet, our team is composed of IT consultants and engineers that provides IT network and security services that can save you from these nightmares. We make sure safeguards are in check so you can focus on your core business. We turn your dreams for a better business to reality.

B. Prevent unauthorized access

Preventing unauthorized access of hackers as well as unauthorized users. 

They aim at government databases to mine sensitive military information, digitally alter financial records to steal millions from banks, or capture personal information in exchange of ransom. No matter what size an organization is, a measure of IT security is crucial in order to protect sensitive business and customer data.

How Much Does an IT Consultancy Cost?

Types of IT consulting payment structures:

  • Break-fix/Hourly rate
  • Project-based
  • ROI-based flat rate or retainer’s

Each scheme has its corresponding pros and cons, but we recommend the ROI-based flat rate because it motivates the consultant to continually work on your systems in order to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. 

This is highly beneficial for your business (not having downtimes) and the consultants (not having highly-urgent issues to repair). The result is proactivity not reactivity. 

The following services are typically included but these are not final. 

Consulting Services Budget Plan Professional Premium
Quarterly Strategic Planning
Asset Tracking and Management
Executive Summary Monthly Report
Vendor Liaison*
Network Documentation
Not Included
Written Disaster Recovery Plan
Not Included
Not Included
Monthly Plan Investment
Per Workstation
Per Server
Per Location

Per Workstation
Per Server
Per Location

Per Workstation
Per Server
Per Location

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