How IT Consulting Works

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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How Does IT Consulting Works?

IT consulting works by analyzing the client’s situation, needs, and desires and turning them into reality. In any business, an IT consultant looks for ways where technology solutions can enhance the company’s goals.


After learning the client’s vision, the first step of the process is analyzing the current state. Analyzing involves assessing the company, asking key constituents, and probing actual challenges. An IT consultant may conduct interviews, schedule meetings, do observations, and research.

In reality, clients sometimes do not know what they specifically want, the IT terminologies, and the time and budget they can allocate for the project.

IT Consulting Services


That’s why the job of the IT consultant is to ask discovery questions, determine the feasibility of the vision, uncover the obstacles, and see if bridging these gaps between what’s actual and what is envisioned is doable.

An IT consultant then creates a plan and presents them until final approval. The plan or proposal may include a scope of work, duties of both parties, budget, and timeline.

Example of IT Consulting


As a practical example, let’s say a law firm wants to set-up a work-from-home environment and a centralized digital file system for his fifteen partners.

An IT consultant that specializes in networks comes in and asks for more details about the lawyer’s requirements. His goal is to enhance connectivity, collaboration, and communication.

The IT consultant determines the elements needed such as infrastructure, devices, cabling, software, and training. He works with the client to come up with a budget and timeline so that the vision will take shape.

The consultant also calculates the implicit but salient needs that were unmentioned in the initial meetings such as security features, support, compliance, and back-up solutions. For these components, the IT consultant makes hypotheses and propose to the client afterward, explaining why they are necessary.

On his own, the client may miss a lot of critical components needed for an IT network to be possible for his company. An IT consultant, in light of his profound experiences, tells the client what’s vital, and what’s discretionary; what’s possible, and what’s not.

He may then proceed to craft a proposal, turn-over to the sales team, or submit the other post-assessment documents.

Types of IT Consultants

There are many different types and sub-types of IT consultants. Some are specialists in IT software like apps, programs, websites; and some grew their roots deeply in niches such as healthcare, fintech, or ERP.

But one type that is imperative for businesses is IT security consultancy. This person makes implements cybersecurity. Without a reliable IT security service, the business is at risk for cyberattacks such as viruses, phishing, malware, and ransomware. Worse, data breaches will cause the client to suffer stiff fines and ruin his company’s reputation.

At Troinet, our team of engineers provides IT network and security services that can save you from these nightmares. We make sure safeguards are in check so you can focus on your core business.

With our IT consulting, your dreams for a better business network can be a reality.

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