How Flat Rate IT Support Will Help Your Company Grow

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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How Flat Rate IT Support Will Help Your Company Grow

More and more small business owners are starting to realize the benefits of outsourcing at least one function of their business. Some businesses outsource their entire IT departments, but for most SMBs out there, they have found that flat rate IT support has helped them minimize costs while growing their businesses.

In contrast, a “break-fix” set-up could be a threat to your continuity because IT response is only reactionary after which, your systems could already be beyond repair.

With a flat rate, you can call anytime when problems arise and have someone regularly checks your system. You won’t have to be surprised by ballooning charges, but keep your expenses predictable instead.

Every company wants to grow and maximize profit. However, many factors hold it back, and it is usually the daily needs of the business. Every business has a digital plan with computers, phones, mobile devices, and much more, but the team tasked to care for and monitor the IT that can either create a space for growth or prevent the company from growing to its maximum potential. 

 Flat rate IT services help support and grow your company in a few important ways.


Predictable budget for IT

Let’s face it; nothing is predictable when running a business, but your IT can be. Consider your current IT strategy: pay to update software, pay for overtime, pay for service calls, pay for breakdowns, pay for new spyware and malware, your company is at risk for paying for a data loss, and it loses revenue due to downtime when technology goes down. Pay, pay, pay. How much? No one knows until it happens. Flat rate IT keeps it simple with one predictable and manageable fee. You pay for a fulltime IT team without the costs associated with doing so. Flat rate IT services provide businesses with 24/7 support, monitoring and maintenance, a scalable IT plan, versatility, and unlimited helpdesk support, all without nickel-and-diming your budget. This allows your business to redirect resources to toward profitable endeavors and departments.

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Employees can get back to work

When your employees have to worry about the company’s IT woes, they cannot do their job in order to support business growth. Individual jobs and departments are essential for your company’s bottom line and industry influence. Do not task employees with IT jobs or allow their productivity to suffer because of IT issues. You hired the best professionals for your business, so why have you not done the same for your IT?

Systems run more efficiently

Flat rate IT services maintain, monitor and service your current system, which means the company’s IT runs optimally. Flat rate IT actively evaluates the system, provides email spam filtering, completes content updates, performs regular backups, and ensures your company’s systems are compliant with industry regulations. The IT team does all of these important actions for a flat rate, and as the business grows, so can the services the IT team provides. The professionals tailor a plan for your business that supports its daily needs, which ensures costs are low, the systems are a go, and no one has to worry about IT. Healthy IT systems enrich the customer experience, vendor relationships, and improve employee’s overall job satisfaction.

It is your plan

Too many people and/or companies take a one-size-fits-all approach to IT management. It is impossible to do so and ensure every company is working at maximum capacity. Scalability and versatility encourage growth. Flat rate IT services are more than a tech team for when the computers won’t start, they are advisors and strategic coordinators. IT teams are experts in their field and take the time to sit down and get to know you, your business, and your plans for growth. Doing so allows the IT professionals to devise a plan for your company, and your company alone, without relying on a blanket strategy. The IT teams know your company from the inside out, which means they can better identify the company’s needs, concerns, security gaps, and lags in daily operations. Flat rate IT services create an environment for growth.

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