Healthcare Communications

Telemedicine Solutions

We bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals through live, interactive video consultations. Through Troinet’s healthcare IT solutions, patients can connect with primary care physicians and specialists. These solutions can reduce overhead and increase profits while providing continuity of care.

With live video streaming, voice or video chat, and instant messaging capabilities, our technology supports the most advanced telemedicine practices, enabling doctors to perform consultations from a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Improve Patient Safety with Communications

Communication has life and death implications in hospitals. Patient deaths is often caused by inadequate communication in healthcare facilities, the Clinical Biochemist Review notes in a a 2006 study.  One of the ways to prevent error is to invest in robust communication. Troinet offers solutions using technology leaders like Cisco.

Inter-Hospital and Intra-Hospital Communications

Communications inside and between hospitals require clear communication. Sending medical records, transporting medical equipment, transporting files require adequate investments.

Learn how we can help your practice improve patient care, patient experiences, and your operations by making more strategic decisions around technology.

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