Features and Benefits of Office 365 for Business​

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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Office 365 has powerful features and benefits for businesses. 

Whether you’re a small business or mid-sized enterprise, Office 365 is a powerful tool that can help streamline your organization’s workflow, improve productivity, and reduce costs. 

It possesses Microsoft’s robust security capabilities which enhances internal communications experience.

To realize its full potential for a business, Office 365 can’t be merely installed where magic right away happens. With so many moving parts, it’s critical to work with a phenomenal local IT Support firm that is Microsoft-certified.

At Troinet, we maintain our certification as a Certified Microsoft Silver Partner in order to help businesses be more productive and profitable.

1. Mobility and flexibility

A sudden lock-down or natural disaster will ‘force’ your workforce to bring the company files at home. If your data is not uploaded to a secure and remote cloud like Office 365, you will have a hard time achieving business continuity. Office 365 gives you access to all of your business contacts and data.

It allows your employees to work virtually from anywhere. As a result, productivity and collaboration between employees increases. Video conferencing and messaging features of Office 365 also helps employees stay in touch.

2. Robust Security

Office 365 offers robust and Microsoft-backed security solutions for both cloud and device-stored data. It has the added benefit of the Exchange Online Protection (EOP) service which filters emails and helps you protect your company from spam, malware and phishing attacks. Additionally, Microsoft offers Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solution that serves as both online and on-premise infrastructure. ATP uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze billions of events every day to detect malicious email campaigns and senders.

3. Minimal Learning Curve

Microsoft has established a familiar interface that is the same on many platforms for decades. The familiarity helps you to work quickly and productively. If you have used a previous version of Microsoft Office before, then Office 365 will have a very little learning curve. No need for training or an intensive one. Working with one will be very easy for your company.

4. Enhanced collaboration

With Office 365, your office applications and documents can be accessed by your team from any device at any time. You can easily connect with team, share documents and permit more than one user to edit and view projects in real time. 

This Microsoft product is always current and gets updates on its Web-based platform, so you’ll always be working with the most recent features and aren’t burdened with software updates. Office 365 is a worthwhile business investment.

With OneDrive cloud storage, you can store and access your files with ease wherever you are, while enjoying peace of mind for having Microsoft’s robust security.

5. Comes with essential collaboration tools

If you’re a small or midsize business and want to collaborate with colleagues on projects, Office 365 is an excellent option for you. A premium subscription to Office 365 Business comes with access to the full suite of Microsoft Office software, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It also includes 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive and 50 GB storage in your mailbox.

6. Assign varying team access via "Groups" feature

A very handy tool on Office 365 is the My Team groups feature. Groups allows you to arrange communications with employees that are working together on a specific project. Groups lets you organize files in one location so that users can all view, share and edit them.

Everyone may be connected with calendar invitations so no one is left out of the loop about upcoming meetings or deadlines. If you don’t want to use the phone, there is the Conversations tool that lets group members have meetings when they are in different places.

7. Designed according to modern users

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a complete overhaul of the ubiquitous productivity software. The cloud-based suite is designed to better match the way people use Office, and to make it easier for IT departments to manage users’ needs. 

Before Microsoft released it broadly, they made sure that feedback of customers and stakeholders had been considered. The Cloud is the centerpiece of its usability – your files are securely backed-up, mobile-ready, and accessible anywhere. It has less interruption and less time-consuming updates.

8. On-cloud but secure

Naturally, the open nature of Office 365, as well as Google and Apple products, raises both concerns and eyebrows for IT security. The cloud alone makes many hesitate. Microsoft has wisely not gone too far down the road of total freedom for users, but it has managed to make a more user-friendly experience without sacrificing much-needed security safeguards. 

As the system has continued to evolve, Microsoft has reached new heights of security, including HIPAA protocols. How? By allowing security experts in businesses to control the exposure of individual devices rather than individuals. This means that users won’t feel the same kinds of restrictions placed on them as they have in the past, improving the long-term experience.

9. Managed workers' devices

Manage workers’ devices

10. Artificial intelligence

Integrate with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and empowers your workers by providing the following capabilities:

Office 365 + Troinet IT Solutions

Working with us can solve several problems at once, such as:

  • Server Maintenance- Save 15+ hours on maintenance per month by cutting physical servers in half.
  • Cost- Reducing costs by choosing the right plan.
  • Collaboration- Increased productivity because employees can attach documents and do video conferencing as well as instant messaging.

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