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by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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Troinet wants to change the way you think about technology. Too many people in business become complacent with their technological skill levels, and figure they know all they have to know.

They use their network and equipment for whatever they need until something breaks. The business then calls an IT support professional and moves on until the next piece of equipment stops working or a network shuts down.

The “break/fix” mentality for IT support is going out the window for successful businesses, because they now know how wrong they were about technology. In business, technology exists for two reasons: Cut costs and increase efficiencies. Let us elaborate on how important a contracted IT support team is to the growth of your business.

Cut Costs on Employees

When you contract with an IT support team, it means you aren’t spending money on an in-house IT person. No salary, benefits or tax contributions need to be doled out annually. The expertise our forward-thinking staff has to offer your business is worth more than any on site IT technician.

No Money Wasted on Downtime

If something goes wrong with your network or equipment, your business can be out of commission for quite a while as you wait for an IT support person to show up for the “fix”. Even if you have an IT pro on staff, they are only effective if they aren’t already in the middle of fixing another current issue. Downtime in business can cost thousands, and having a hired IT support team like Troinet means you will have eyes on your network at all times. We catch problems before they get out of control and keep you updated with the latest security so you don’t lose any valuable time.

Slash Costs on Hardware

As part of hardware as a service from Troinet, we supply you with the latest network, hardware, software, support solutions. You don’t have to invest in costly equipment that will only need to be updated in a few years. Take the money you save and put it into growing your business, a charity or towards retirement. Plus, you’ll be up on cutting edge technology that will keep you competitive.

Increase Efficiency With the Cloud

In order for your business to develop, effective communication amongst employees and with clients is key. Without the right system in place, you’ll miss out on financial gains and grapple with team collaboration. Troinet offers a cloud solution that will eliminate these stresses, and inspire your team to work together in the easiest way possible. When your team works together as a unit, the entire business runs smoothly. Cloud services provide access to messages, apps and information from any place at any time. This means you’re not tied to a desktop and scrambling to get your job done.

Since every business is unique, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Efficiency improves because we customize a system to meet the specific needs and goals of your business. At Troinet our experts plan for your future and make it scalable and affordable.

At Troinet, we can help you go over a plan for your technology needs so that your business will thrive.

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