5 Tips to Help You Choose a Secure Password Online

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There is no one strategy that will help you create a secure password. You will have to utilize several methods to create a solid password. Remember two things when you are creating a password: longer is stronger, and combinations are better. When you create passwords, you are the building the very first wall of defense for your most personal information and devices. A strong password protects you from security threats, malicious malware, hackers, and even vengeful acts. How would you build your wall? Troinet suggests 5 tips to create a safe and secure password. Remember, don’t use the same password for your devices and accounts, and definitely change up your banking passwords.  
  1. Think of a clever, easy-to-remember phrase
Choose a sentence that is fun and unique. Once you think of the best phrase, change it up to make it unique to you. Think of your favorite foods, song lyrics, you favorite sports team, or a special even that you can remember easily. Still stumped? Look at a few examples:   Idcfee@5&noon = I drink coffee at 5 and noon. Ki55me,btMT = Kiss me, beneath the Milky Twilight. mYank$mi2b = My Yanks made it to base.  
  1. Include numbers
Don’t use only letters and symbols. Numbers are an important part of a strong password. When you use numbers, don’t use birthdays, phone numbers, your address, or God forbid your social security number. Think of the year of your favorite car or your dream car, use numbers in place of letters, or simply count the number of pens at your desk and plug it in.  
  1. Play with capitalization
As you can see in the first example, capitalizing letters in your password is an effective strategy. When you are capitalizing, don’t use names or any places you have visited or lived. If you use ‘wow’ in your password, switch it up. Consider w0W instead. This method employs both a letter and capitalized character.  
  1. Be random
Use three images around you to create a password that is completely random and not part of any literature publication. Sit at your desk or computer and have a good look around. Use a combination of the items that surround you. For example: Snow pile + drag car + cat = cat drag races in the NY snow. Now, combine the first three letters in each word to create your phrase. C@tdragracnNYsn0.  
  1. Don’t forget
Do not use the same password on all of your devices, and change your passwords once a month. Think of it as brain exercises. Do not reuse old passwords or rotate passwords among your devices and accounts. Start fresh. You are probably wondering how to remember the new ones, let alone the changed passwords in 30 days, but it can be done with a little help. Do not write your passwords down. Instead, save your passwords with a password management tool. You will need on a master password to access the management tool. Once you are in, the tool remembers your passwords for you.

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