3 Strategies to Be Bettered Prepared for the Pandemic

by Wayne Roye

by Wayne Roye

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Our medical services providers and clients were better prepared for this pandemic. Candidly this is a disaster for a lot of businesses.

The three primary reasons why they are better prepared are: 

1. They had a strategic relationship with their technology partner (which is us);

2. They had a prepared disaster recovery plan in place; and

3. They had the appropriate amount of technology to operate and grow the practice

So if this existing disaster has severely impacted your practice there are some things I want you to think about, some recommendations:

Get yourself some consulting.

Get someone to help you develop a 90-120 strategic plan moving forward. Get yourself some help.

Our clients have that from us today and it made all the difference in the world.

Make sure if you have an existing technology partner that they know how to support your patients and all your employees and use all the available technologies. Make sure they specialize in this particular space. i.e. the medical practice space and make sure they put together for you a disaster recovery plan for you and have that documented for you.

Hopefully, they recommended to you that you have a VOIP phone system.

The folks that had PBX phone systems had issues so if you don’t have that system you should be considering that for sure and telemedicine solutions.

Did they train you? Are they in a position to train your patients and all your employees? Not all of them understand how to use technology.

Clearly today it’s highly useful but you need a solution that makes sense for your practice.

So if you need help with a plan to bring your practice back online going forward for the next 3-4 months let us help you. We will show you what we did for our medical clients and the reason why our clients were better prepared for this disaster and moving forward with their medical practices today. We’d love to help.

My name is Aniko Giampietro. I am the Business Solutions Advisor for Troinet. To schedule your free 15-minute consultation with our consultant click the link below.

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