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The Pros & Cons of Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced technology is a service delivered by others instead of in-house. Outsourcing provides an effective way to save costs, increase efficiency, and reduce the risk of introducing bugs into production due to working in-house. Costs are reduced by using cheaper solutions and integrating them into many different systems. Common downsides of outsourced IT include lesser control, hidden fees, and security risks.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an IT Company

When you decide that you want to hire an IT firm, think that this is a time for thorough research and decision-making. One thing you should not overlook: making critical mistakes. These kinds of errors will cost you money or let your team down:

  • Not understand what your needs are
  • Directly assessing features instead of own requirements
  • Prioritizing cheaper service than a proper balance with quality
  • Not doing due diligence to find a competent local IT Company
  • Not evaluating the IT company’s track record
  • Not comparing quotes and checking reviews

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3 Strategies for Outsourced IT Support

(1) Allocate extra resources brought by outsourced IT. Decentralization has enabled companies to free up resources like time, legal fees, and even physical resources like engineers to work on exciting new features. 

(2) Narrow your focus. You can now be more focused on solving complex problems while relying on outside experts to provide you with IT solutions.

(3) Look for an Outsourced IT provider like Troinet who understands your industry and is well-versed in defining the different areas where you can outsource.