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We make your life easier by freeing you from the headaches of technology and IT support.

We're not just an IT solution, but a business partner.

24×7 Computer Support in New Jersey: Like most of us, your IT department is overworked, understaffed and focused on other issues besides your computers and network. Let us take care of your IT problems so you can focus on making money for your company, or growing your business. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and we’re 100% dedicated to being the best at what we do.

Computer issues are a business owner’s worst nightmare. Tried and true systems break down, new software or tools don’t work, disruptions and launches cause chaos, and IT glitches cause delays. If you have a business in New Jersey that has an IT problem, you do not have to go through it alone.

With Troinet your IT will be in the right hands, so you can concentrate on running your day-to-day operations. When you partner with Troinet, you get a team of highly trained experts who work to be sure everything is “Up and Running” before you know there’s been an issue.

If computer problems are giving you sleepless nights, call Troinet computer support based in New Jersey at 718-761-2780 now!


IT Consulting and CUstom Installation

We provide free computer scans that help customers detect the real issue on their computers. Our technicians then use this report to determine the best way to resolve the computer issues. They may fix them remotely using our secure remote access software if they feel it will be faster or easier than dealing with the problem directly on site.

24/7 support desk

We offer 24/7 customer service with a dedicated helpline number that you can call if you face any trouble while accessing your system.

Comprehensive Services

We help clients make the best out of their computer solutions by offering firewalls, routers, servers, security services and free training.

Managed IT Services in New Jersey

Troinet is a leading Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) for networks, servers, and computers in New Jersey since 1998. As a leading provider of computer-based solutions, we provide both physical hardware support and enhanced software services to customers in the private and public sectors. 

We offer custom installation of hardware such as computers and existing shared network infrastructures. We also assist customers in designing firewalls, routers, firewalls, and application risk management solutions. We manage software and cybersecurity solutions so our clients can focus their time on their competencies.

See below for the list of IT services we manage for clients.

IT Consulting Services

We combine our strong IT development skills with our passion for methodical problem-solving.

We provide IT Consulting Services to small and medium businesses with a wide range of services: IT system design & development, customized networking solutions, IT financing, operating system and software implementation, cybersecurity, and a combination of IT services based on your business needs. It is our goal to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.

We are proud of our client satisfaction and always strive to improve and develop new methods to achieve greater efficiency in their daily business operations.

Computer Support in New Jersey

Computers and IT networks are essential tools that give us not only creativity but also business success. We provide reliable 24/7 computer support in New Jersey.

We are known for our innovative approach to technology. Our selection of tools is sharpened by our experience with reputable brands in the IT industry. Helping customers lose up to 40% of their overhead costs is our excitement. We help you choose the right product and service and get it implemented at your doorstep!

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a service offered by Troinet to help businesses across New Jersey who are affected or prone to be affected by a disaster. We offer a combination of IT services, with its own set of processes and procedures, to help businesses recover faster from natural or artificial disasters. This service aims to support companies in their recovery efforts and ensure they can continue operating throughout a recovery period.

Small Business IT Support

Small and medium businesses (SMB) often struggle with technology support. At Troinet, we provide comprehensive SMB IT support.

We routinely solve complex IT problems for individuals and small businesses. We also assist employees with hardware and software issues, computer repair, operating system issues, cybersecurity issues, and more.

Let us know how I can help you! Please think of us as your friendly neighborhood IT support team dedicated to assisting businesses to truly innovate and succeed in the 21st Century economy.

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