IT Support and Consulting in Outsourced IT Support in Brooklyn NY

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Outsourced IT Support for Brooklyn, NYC Businesses

NYC-based pros ready to help you with your IT issues, even if they’re complicated.

Outsourced IT Support for Brooklyn NYC businesses

Let your day-to-day IT get managed by experts

We are your go-to provider of Outsourced IT Support in Brooklyn, NYC. We provide reliable and exceptional IT services to customers throughout the whole tri-state area. No matter how large or small your business, we will provide you with skilled tech support at affordable prices.

If you have a business in Brooklyn that has an IT problem, you do not have to go through it alone. At Troinet outsourced IT, 

  • We handle every aspect of managing your technology.
  • Full IT management, including network security and repair, hardware upgrades and maintenance, and remote support for anything from e-mail security to networking.
  • We work around the clock to prevent issues from happening in the first place.
  • We provide 24/7 monitoring to ensure your network is always online, safe, secure, and running smoothly.
Outsourced IT Support in Brooklyn NYC

Features of our Outsourced IT Support in Brooklyn, NYC

24/7 Support Staff

We offer 24/7 outsourced IT support to ensure that you always have access to the technical support you need when you need it. Our team of experienced IT specialists is available around the clock for any type of issue or problem. Whether it's a hardware failure, system vulnerability, or network security threat, we're prepared to handle it immediately!

Budget Friendly Flat-Rate Pricing

"Flat-rate pricing" means that you pay one price to access a certain service, no matter how much you use it. Flat-rate pricing is a great choice: Your company knows the scope of IT services that they need on an annual basis and can set aside the budget to pay for them without having to think too much about it.

Reliable and Backed-Up IT Services

Reliable back-up refers to the process of securely duplicating data so that it can be restored in the event of a system-related incident. It is a critical component of any outsourced IT support. It ensures your business that there will be no loss of information or data due to hardware or software failure, accidental deletion, or natural disasters.

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Make a better business with technology.

Benefits of Troinet's Outsourced IT Support in Brooklyn, NYC

Troinet offers high quality IT support services in Brooklyn, NYC and surrounding areas. Our professionals use their extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best care for any hardware or software issues you might be facing. We can help you resolve software or hardware issues, speed up your computer or any other device, and prevent similar issues from recurring. Here are top benefits:

Profit from our competitive pricing and holistic expertise

Competitive pricing, comprehensive IT support services and a range of information technology outsourcing solutions at the right mix is the winning combination for businesses looking to grow in the digital age. Our diverse yet highly skilled team is made up of experts from various fields such as network engineering, IT security, network administration and business management. They all have extensive experience in delivering cutting edge solutions that help our clients make the most of their business potential.

Peace of Mind

Our outsourced IT support in Brooklyn, NYC gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data and your networks are safe and secure. Because we have been in the area for more than 20 years, we provide fast and affordable services. With a knowledgeable local outsource IT support provider, there are many advantages for you to enjoy.

Don't need to hire full-time IT staff

With Troinet's outsourced IT support, you are as a small business owner doesn't have to make large upfront investments in technology at this time. Rather than buying expensive computer equipment, hiring full-time IT staff, or trying to handle everything yourself, you can have a us take care of your computer and IT needs for you.

Benefits of Troinet Outsourced IT Support in Brooklyn NYC
Benefits of Troinet's Outsourced IT Support in Brooklyn, NYC

What clients say

The response time of the Troinet team is amazing! During the storm (Isaias), our Eltingville office lost most of its power for several days... Troinet worked quickly to get our server up and running and we were able to use the power we had to connect to our scheduling software.
Richmond Dental Testimonial
Richmond Dental
Dentist Clinic in New York City
We've been working with Troinet for many years now and they've provided us with really exceptional services and support with our technology needs here in school.
Mila Kunis
Director in EL Haynes Public Charter School
Troinet implemented a cost-effective network that has revamped our computers practice of managing pertinent business documents.
Sandy Krueger Staten Island Realtors
Mike Sendler
CEO, Staten Island Board of Realtors

Our Technology Partners

The strength of quality relationships
Microsoft Partner in NYC - Troinet Technology Partners (3)
Cisco Partner NYC Troinet Technology Partners (4)
Meraki Troinet Technology Partners (5)
Datto - Troinet Technology Partners (6)
Sophos - Troinet Technology Partners (1)
VMWare - Troinet Technology Partners (2)

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Save money by outsourcing all or part of your IT functions.

Do you find yourself spending more than you earn, or is your business struggling to stay competitive with your local competitors? Local businesses in Brooklyn have an advantage in outsourcing because they can save money by hiring an IT expert. I’ve experienced different types of work on both sides of the desk throughout my career – from employee to business owner. One of my favorite ways to grow a company is to hire outside help for some of its most costly tasks.

How to choose a reliable IT partner in Brooklyn

Your business is undoubtedly moving at different paces at different times of the year, and the IT department needs to keep up. At Troinet, we remember the little details to make sure you’re choosing the best IT solution for your business. We’ve listed some of the factors that should be on top of your list, so you can get on-boarded and start making your IT work easier.

Step 1: List all your business’ IT demands. Examples:

  1. Offsite backup storage
  2. Recurring maintenance and repairs
  3. Full IT support
  4. IT Financing
  5. Outsourced IT

Step 2: Consider the suppliers’ ability to meet those demands
Step 3: Choose a supplier. 
Step 4: Look beyond price and reputation.
Step 5: Think about their aftersales support services.
Step 6: Get references, testimonials, and case studies.

Outsourcing relieves the stress of IT problems.

Outsourcing, whether it is a short-term project or significant system support, relieves the stress of IT problems. Many in-house IT employees are uneasy when faced with complex design or integration issues – either experience or skill is not yet enough. Outsourcing relieves your stresses by getting the job done quickly and costing you a significantly lower cost.

Interested in outsourced IT support in Brooklyn, NYC?

Wayne Roye

About Troinet

Wayne Roye is the Founder and CEO of Troinet, a privately held technology consulting firm based in New York City. Troinet's goal is to help companies make better decisions around technology.
Call 718-761-2780.

Do you want more savings and less headaches?

At Troinet, we are ready to support the technology needs of your business to make it grow.

Outsourced IT Services in Outsourced IT Support in Brooklyn NY

Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT lets you enjoy reduced costs, access to experts, increased competitiveness, faster scalability, reduced risks, more time and focus for your business.

Managed IT Services

Let your IT be managed by an expert IT team so you can enjoy lower costs, and scale quickly.

IT Consulting

Tap into the expertise of professionals with broader and deeper exposures so you can make the best tech decisions.

Cloud Services

Our cloud solutions allow you to enjoy greater flexibility, business continuity and disaster recovery, collaboration efficiency.

Cyber Security

Protect your data from unauthorized access, improve client and stakeholder confidence, and gain faster recovery during breach.

Network Support

Enjoy fast communication & resource-sharing within your business, work better, and save money on storage.

Server Support

Supercharge your business by securely and efficiently storing large chunks of data, and freeing your computers to perform better.


Getting the right VOIP service will enable you to enjoy reduced phone bills, better communication, access, and customer service.

IT Financing

IT Financing lets you boost your sales by giving your customers the ability to make regular loan payments and give them greater liquidity. It will attract you new customers and earn repeat business.


With data breaches and HIPAA violations making headlines day-after-day, the burden to protect patient data has never been more pressing. You can entrust to us your cyber-security and HIPAA compliance.


Virtualization has enabled businesses of all sizes to get more out of their technology, while simultaneously reducing costs, and increasing productivity


Digital technology can empower patients and care teams to reach beyond traditional boundaries for better outcomes.

Our Technology Partners

Below is a list of the Technology Partners we work with to provide IT Services in the country. We’re proud to have this relationship with some of the most reputable companies in the industry to help you grow your business. Our partner companies are the best in the industry, and are strategically-positioned to bring your IT to the next level.

What Our Clients Say ❤️

We are so proud of our clients and we are happy to share our services on how to boost their operations and reduce expenses. Our clients’ satisfaction is what we live for, because at Troinet, we know how important IT is. That’s why we provide 24/7 support and want to our clients fully satisfied with their purchase.

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