The truth is most products and services offered by IT companies are the same. Sure, some agencies have a hidden gem or two in their toolbox, but few offer any great competitive advantages. The difference Troinet brings is the people. We become a part of your team. 

Over the years, our success has been based on meaningful relationships and the support we provide to our clients. Our team asks the right questions to determine which products and services best suit your specific technology needs. We listen and interact with our clients on a business level, we don’t talk in “geek speak”. Our solutions not only meet your current requirements, but are capable of growing with your business. The one thing we strive for is to provide innovation to the business world.

Here’s why so many businesses depend on Troinet for IT services and support:

  • Our dedicated IT experts – experienced consultants and engineers that function as an extension of your business.
  • Our 24/7 assistance – responsive IT support whenever you need help.
  • Our creative technology solutions – customizing platforms and infrastructures with our clients in mind.
  • Our Partnerships – working with the forefathers of the business; Microsoft, Cisco, and Apple.
  • Our Innovation – working with new and exciting technology and business partners to provide the most current solutions.

Technology services from Troinet are designed, created, and implemented all within the United States. We are a NYC based company that believes in keeping jobs in America. Our team is comprised of a group of forward thinking individuals who strive for excellence through creating better business using technology.